More than any other form of human expression, art acts as a barometer indicating the quality of life of humanity in any given society. As an artist, I wish to deal with, what I believe are the most important issues in today’s world.

I have been working almost exclusively in clay. When I became acquainted with Raku firing, I realized that the freshness and strength of this technique would enhance the expressiveness of my sculptures.

In my view, the artist’s dedication having been filtered through his emotional and mental make-up dictates his actions, finding expression in literature, painting, sculpting, music and other art forms. This artistic expression becomes fruitful and meaningful only if it has an objective significance for the viewer.

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1947                   Born in Hungary

1971                   Mechanical Engineering Degree (Budapest,Hungary)

1974                   Settled in Toronto

1976 – 1986            Teaches life-sculpting at  J.C.C. -Toronto

1980 – 2006          Member of the Sculptor’s Society of Canada (SSC)

1986 – 2000            Member of the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA)

2000 – Present Member of the Hungarian Visual Artists of Canada (HuVAC)

Since June 2012        Full time sculptor

Group and Solo Exhibitions:

1972                       Poznan, Poland

1974                       Nuremberg, Germany

1978, 80, 84           The Koffler Art Gallery at J.C.C. –Toronto,Canada

1979                       New College  – University of  Toronto,Canada

1982                       Winning the SSC Medal Award Competition

1984                       International Juried Raku Ceramic Exhibition –Newport, Rhode Island,USA

1984                      VII Dante Exhibition – Ravenna, Italy  Received Gold Medal Award of the City of Ravenna

1984                       The Iron Curtain –University of Toronto,Canada

1986                       SSC’s Hungary Traveling Show -Budapest, Mikolc,Pecs

1988                       Galerie  Rochon, at Spadina 80,Toronto,Canada

1990, 92              Toronto – Art Credo receiving Medal of Merit – Canada

1990                     XXII FIDEM – Helsinki,Finland

1991                       Ashton’s Gallery,Toronto,Canada

1993, 94, 95           Invited artist at the Benefit Art Auction at the Toronto Zoo, Canada

1995, 2001             JohnB.Aird Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1996                      Visual Arts Mississauga– received 1st prize  Wittnauer International Award for Sculpture – Canada

1997,2000              First Canadian Place–Toronto,Canada

2000                      Hungarian – Canadian’s Art Show, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga,

2000                      XXVII FIDEM – Berlin/Weimar,Germany;

2003, 2006            Women’s Art Association –Toronto,Canada

2005                      Hungarian-Canadian’s Art Show, Budapest, Hungary

2006                     Commemorating 1956 October 23 – Canadian-Hungarian’s Artist, Toronto City Hall – Winning the Canadian-Hungarian Heritage Found Award

2007,2008,2009, 2012     Hungarian-Canadian’s Art Show, Etobicoke, Canada

2012                      Hungarian-Canadian’s Art Show, Rainbowe Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2013 Hungarian-Canadian’s Art Show, Columbus Centre & Todmorden Mills Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2014 Hungarian-Canadian’s Art Show, Columbus Centre, Toronto, Canada