I am an anomaly …

I am an anomaly …

Who can see the lies,

Not glued to the tube,

Read between the lines,

Counting all the beans.


I am an anomaly …

Who knows, an act creates a cause,

To me blind hatred can’t be fed,

My critical mind won’t tolerate,

An action that is bad.


I am the anomaly …

A Judeo-Christian-Muslim,

Who refuse to take a gun.

No politician can make me,

March to kill, to become a pawn.


I am the anomaly…



Ode to the 99% – 
(Shards of my Concerns…)

February, 2011 to September, 2012

The Pharaoh’s people up in fire,
Dissatisfaction spreads through the wire,
Dynasties will fall apart,
The maltreated people will not step aside.

The unrest will spread forward,
Tyrants, sheiks are made to go,
People will change leaders,
They will achieve their goal.

The struggle will not stop there,
It will, one day, go everywhere,
The taken, abused, lied-to people, 
Will drive their oppressors away.

Today Cairo, tomorrow New York,
The subdued people will have had enough,
Parasite autocrats, the time is coming,
Change or face the power of the mob.

In my every cell, I am shaking,
I feel the power of pompous nothing,
No matter what I am doing,
The ruthless truth is knocking.

I exist on printed lies and TV darkness,
But I see the silhouette of the facts,
Empowered by my mental power,
Walk the plank-of-truth, above the rest.

I believe in GOD, but cannot stand dogmas,
I cannot step into any synagogue or church,
I walk on the path of my own judgment,
Not long ago, I would have been burned.

Tell me:
What does it worth someone’s life?
When there is no food to bite!

No money to pay the rent,
No work to meet the end.
No shower to stay clean,
No brush to clean the teeth,
No bed, blanket to have a stretch,
No pillow to place ones head to rest,
No partner whom to share one’s pain,
No one wants to use his brain,

So tell me:
What does it worth someone’s life, 
When the system took his pride!

He was working, paid the rent,
He had money by day’s end,
He was clean and smartly dressed,
He was healthy, stood on guard, 
He had a home, a place to rest,
He had loved-ones and all the rest,
He was wanted at home and work,
He had respect, which was earned.

So, tell me, tell me:
What does it worth someone’s life, 
If nothing can give him back his pride?

His work sent afar, now living on scrapes,
Left without job, money, or respect,
Consuming his last wealth, like the rest, 
Could not anymore provide, lost his pride, 
Lost his home, left his bride, 
Under some bridge where he hide.
Now he has only two strong arms!
Will be used to start a fight?

I am telling you:
Do not wait when blood will flow!
People’s closed fist will make a blow!

You greedy phonies better hide, 
If you do not change your mind.
Because, what does it worth someone’s life,
When one’s stolen, cheated and laid,
Fists, then knives, and guns will come,
Blood of oppressors will run.
Give the people back their pride,
Before the masses set their mind! 

So what are the next steps?

Reasoning has been gone,
The lost-fear has set in,
No cathode tube could change, 
The end has been locked in.

I am the next bullet in the chamber,
I will penetrate your soul,
You will not be able resist,
The bare facts any more.

I will hit your brain waves,
The adrenaline will flow,
Fist is tight, fingers are wrapped,
You pushed to put someone to bed.

Or, exercise your democratic rights, 
Demonstrate, let spill your blood, 
Or become a speck of sand,
To grind the system to a halt!


You lost my respect…

When ‘the world power’, you, still doesn’t reveal the killers of its president,

And a shiny bullet appears on the coroner’s autopsy bed.

When your ship, Liberty, was destroyed by a friend who shows ignorance.

When the black peace movement’s leader was shot down like a dog.

Or the brother who would have been too dangerous to the system,

Ends his life between pots and pans in the kitchen muck.


When the secret service opens a file on a musician-poet.

Or rushes to war in the gulf, on the false statement of a child.

When a patsy takes the blame for what couldn’t have been done alone.

During election, your roads were blocked to stop many from exercising their rights,

So some judges decided who will have the ‘democratic’ right.

When it turned out to be a fact: no change happened to make it right.


When the airspace was unprotected, close to 3000 people died.

Then anthrax was mailed to many and the killer still hides.

A third building collapsed into its footprint without any attack.

When the owner on TV said, ‘pull it,’ and nothing happened.

Then a false report of a uranium sale, and you started another war,

Hunting for the nonexistent mobile chemical factory supposedly on the roll.


When thousands-upon-thousands died due to your unprovoked war,

Both your soldiers and the regime that’s falsely blamed.

Then the Tyrant captured! But he did not get a day at court!

What happened with your system, how could you let this occur?

Radiation is spreading from your bullets, which creates more harm,

Even your soldiers going home cannot find a normal healthy life.


Or when the slogan came: ‘give some jobs to the poor!’

Factories were closing and your people became poor.

Once a strong, first-rate nation, now you sell only guns,

Resulting in millions-and-millions who can’t find any jobs.

People demonstrate, occupy, but the clubs are too heavy!

It seems you do not care about your people: just let them have it .


I know you do not care, but many of us want you to be respected!

Because you were the aim of our prayer, you gave courage and strength.

You were the beacon that made many of us hope that there could be an end.

We wanted to follow your example, change our system, build a new covenant.

But seeing all your mayhem …where has your reputation gone?

Get your respect back: show to all the nations that you are not completely gone.


Strontium 90

As greed dictates the future, we humans, will falter and fall at the side.

This planet would be a shining beauty, if we could live side-by-side,

But no! Some needs more profit! Let the weak bite the dust.

“Humans need more juice to use”, so we sell more needless staffs.


Reactors build on fault-line or at the ocean’s edge to reduce the cost.

As disasters strike, reactors blow-up, now we should eat our molasses,

The whole Universe is watching, like looking through enlarging glass,

The verdict is in: ‘This species not deserve to flourish, it must die’.


Can you step out of your shoe to see the wrath of our presence?

We think, we own this planet, but our species do not deserve the present.

I see the future of this monster; the humans, as we fall aside, well,

Strontium 90 bites into our bone, will not be marrow to make red cells,


I must sound horrible, but I must blow the apocalypse’s horn,

We do not deserve to survive, if we cannot control of our own,

Will we learn from this disaster, reduce our greed and appetite?

Or just right it down on the margin, and built another radioactive bath.


March, 2011